Let us help you grow

Our solutions are packed with vital features that make SEBES the perfect partner for your business. Not only will we provide you with a robust processing solution but we will keep both your funds and your business safe.

SEBES Reports

SEBES Reports are designed to help you manage your client portfolio as efficiently as possible. It’s main goal is to provide you with actionable data that will support your business activities and help you better understand your customers.

Real-time updates of transactions, balances and refunds
Highly customizable
User friendly UI lets you quickly find your way to the data that is vital for you
International bank payments connecting SEPA, Swift, and much more.

Recurring Payments

A steady and predictable source of revenue

As the world keeps on moving to a subscription based economy, give your clients the option to enjoy their purchases and forget about monthly recurring bills to pay with automated recurring card payments.

Ready. Set. Go. Repeat.

Configure a favorable plan to keep your customers satisfied with our platform. Construct a payment schedule and our automated billing system will do the rest. Keeping you customers happy and putting your mind at ease.

A seamless process for both you and your customers
Not a single missed payment
Ability to forecast earnings and plan your growth

Risk Management

High risk does carrie high rewards, but also bestowes a great deal of stress. By introducing compound solutions we do our best to mitigate this risk and reduce the stress incurred by our clients.

Our fault-tolerant AWS infrastructure ensures we maintain a 99.999% availability & SLAs.
When you integrate you automatically connect to our high-risk database that protects your business from fraudulent transactions.
Our solutions come pre-equipped with a set of unparalleled industry standard fraud protection tools.
We deconstruct every transaction and provide you with the ability to restrict payments via email accounts, IP, physical addresses, device IDs, current location, card BINs and much more.

SEBES Gateway

SEBES gateway and its fraud prevention system comes with a level of control that enables you to finetune accepted and restricted transactions in a fashion you see fit.

Email List
“Hot” Email lists will deny any payments coming from a specific e-mail(s)
IP’s Ban List
“Hot” IP’s ban list allow you to block attempts to pay for either specific IPs or ranges of IPs
“Hot” BINs by country list lets you choose which countries you want to accept payments from.
ID List
“Hot” Device ID list allows you to monitor devices that are being used to make payments and block those who are sure to cause trouble

PCI DSS Level 1 Certified

Every transaction being conducted via SEBES Technologies is carried out in an encrypted and secure environment. We’ve achieved the highes Paymen Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS Level 1) and thus our clients and their data is sure to be safe and secure.

As a matter of fact, our PCI DSS certification will actually cover businesses that are using both Hosted Integrations and/or Virtual Terminal as a means of send transactional data our way.

RESTful API supporting Server-to-Server, Direct Post, Redirect integration methods with Sandbox and Webhooks
Mobile SDKs for iOS & Android as well as libraries for most popular programming languages
One-click payments for returning clients with multi-card tokenization
Payment and payout routing, supporting most complex scenarios
One-click actions like refunds and status tracking in Feed

Billing System

Increase the number of payments you serve by helping your clients get paid faster
Bulk invoice delivery to clients. Issue invoices to multiple clients and send to their mailbox at once
Multi-card tokenization allows one-click payments with returning clients
Responsive design with a payment flow translated into 13 languages and ability to issue branded invoices
Refunds and status tracking in the Feed with a single click
Billing API with Sandbox allowing 3rd party integration